How I Started? The Backstory!

Life has a funny way of throwing surprises, and for me, it all started with a tough loss – losing my father unexpectedly. After scraping through intermediate education, survival led me to Dhaka, working long hours for just 70 bucks a month.

Then came the game-changer – discovering the world of online earning. I picked up graphics design through a course, kicking off a journey seven years ago that’s been a mix of challenges and exciting discoveries.

Getting jobs online wasn’t a walk in the park, but one particular task changed everything. A psychology coach hired me to shape a course, opening my eyes to the fascinating world of coaching. That’s when passion kicked in, and I dived headfirst into learning and gathering real-life experience in that field for the last 6-7 years.

Now, armed with skills and knowledge, I find myself in a sweet spot where I can genuinely help coaches build their businesses.

My story is about overcoming tough times, discovering unexpected opportunities, and turning challenges into triumphs. It’s a journey that started with survival and now intertwines with yours as we step into the world of coaching success together.

In a world filled with jobs, we noticed something special – a story hidden in the skills you’ve honed over the years.What if we can help you out to leverage those skills and experience you gathered all these years ? That’s where our journey begins.

We’re here for those ready to spend just 5-6 hours a week turning their skills into a cool coaching gig. But the whole coaching world is full of tricky tech and marketing puzzles, we saw the need for a guide. Our mission? To be that friend on your journey, armed with a plan for whatever comes your way. We made our services a one-stop-shop, thinking ahead about the bumps you might hit.

Imagine a world where professionals don’t just get by – they shine doing what they love. This is the purpose.

Potential Reason to " Choose us " And What Sets Us Apart?

Potential Reason to ” Choose us ” And What Sets Us Apart?

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