Awesome Business Names for life coaching in 2022


Business Names for Life Coaching
Business Names for Life Coaching

Business Names for Life Coaching is the very first thing you have to decide before starting your actual business. Life Coaching is no different.

You have decided to start your life coaching business career. You have the perfect plan and strategies, the training and everything. But in order to launch your business, you need very unique and creative names for a life coaching business to select from.

There are many life coaching business naming ideas to follow. To avoid all the confusion, we have put together this guide+idea generator blog for you where we tried to use real-life examples to show other entrepreneurs the inspiration that came from their circumstances, as well as lists of the popular and best Life Coaching Businesses available on the internet.

What is a Life Coach?


What is a Life Coach?
What is a Life Coach?

Addressing the elephant in the room, let’s state the obvious first.

What is a Life Coach? Life coaches are professionals trained to help reach someone’s maximum potential to ensure reaching their desired set of goals. One can see Life Coaches as a mentor or advisors or guides or trusted collaborative partners. You will supervise their life lessons, identify their end goals, monitor their thinking processes, question their motives, and encourage them to make the right decisions at the right time.

The first-ever Life Coach in history, recorded anyway, was an American Financial Planner named Thomas Leonard. He paved the way for Life Coaches and Coaching Industry around the world to take this job as a profession back in the 1980s. In 1985, he established ICF, which has become the most prominent coaching organization in the world and evolved to become the hub for all things coaching. Now deceased, Thomas Leonard is still considered the founding father of professional life coaching.

Why is it important to have Business Names for Life Coaching ?


Business Names for Life Coaching
Business Names for Life Coaching

Business Names for Life Coaching are usually the ones you use to reach out to the customers or clients you are trying to get to know. You can call these names for life coaching business your sole representative because that is how it is important for your life coaching business. There are times when you will hear your clients judge a brand simply by hearing its name or by glancing at it.

When selecting a brand name for a life coaching business that will best represent your brand at the end, you must know what type of customers your aim is to deliver, what exactly you are selling and what personality you want to present.

How to select a Life Coaching Business name?


It’s not easy to come up with a name for a life coach business that makes sense to potential customers and doesn’t sound like a fake business. Pick an appropriate and original name for your life coach business. The name should communicate your business’s purpose and be popular with your target market.

When you have a business name in mind, ask yourself why. Your business name needs to connect with your target audience on a deeper level. Rather than trying to come up with a clever business name, focus on creating one that is easy to pronounce, spell and remember.

1. Focusing on Your Ultimate Goal


Focusing on Your Ultimate Goal
Focusing on Your Ultimate Goal

Ask yourself – How do you want your business to be seen by the public? A business name should be easy to remember for your clients and customers, and set clear expectations for products, services, or a general sense of your business.

Make sure you know your target audience. You want your brand name to induce certain emotions and appeal to your customers.

2. Brainstorming and Research


Brainstorming and Research
Brainstorming and Research

Write down the names that inspire you in the life coach niche on a piece of paper. An acronym for the main life coach services is what you could create for your idea. It is important to consider whether to make it easy to spell or difficult.

3. Setting the Tone


Setting the Tone
Setting the Tone

Pick a word from one idea and put it into another idea that is more creative. It might not be possible. A dictionary can be used for related words.

But the important thing to remember is to set the tone for your business in your name. If you want it casual, go with a cool and catchy name. But If you think it should have more of a formal and professional vibe, then choose a name that sets the tone.

4. Checking Availability


Checking Availability
Checking Availability

Before you start your business, make sure you research the availability of the domain name. Make sure that there are no problems with the registration. You should seek the advice of a domain name registration specialist. You can ask your local internet development agency about the name availability in that region.

5. Ask a Branding Expert


Ask a Branding Expert
Ask a Branding Expert

If you are having a hard time with business names, we, SkyRocketCoach, are always there for help. Being brutally honest is what branding experts do. They know that if they say something, they have to stick with it. They are serious about getting their message across. There is a huge network of branding experts that can help you when you get stuck.

6. Arrange Naming Contests


Arrange Naming Contests
Arrange Naming Contests

Many startups arrange naming contests as a popular marketing strategy. There is a purpose to this naming contest, and it is to decide on a brand or product name. The key thing here is how social media is used to decide on the winner. Whichever name gets to the final round, social media strategy and brand popularity is the winner here.

7. Final Decision


Final Decision
Final Decision

It’s important to choose the right name for your business. It’s crucial that you communicate your message effectively as this is the first asset that will attract potential customers to see your website. When you decide on an optimal name for your business, it is time to register that domain name. Authorization to use it will come from having it registered.

The most popular TLD in the world is .com so if you can find a name that you can associate with .com at a reasonable price then don’t think twice and go for it. This TLD is considered professional and found trustworthy among the clients and businessmen alike. But it is not necessary as there are other options too.

You can go for other famous TLDs, in case .com is already taken or overpriced for your budget. The other options include .net, .org. , .me, .biz etc.

If you want to check their availability right now, then these 3 domain sites can help you –

Among these 3, we prefer as they provide budget friendly prices along with various offers you can get for your first buy. But first, let’s check some examples of business names for life coaching.

Life Coaching Business Name Ideas


Life Coaching Business Name Ideas
Life Coaching Business Name Ideas

If you are still confused regarding some of the life coaching business names, there is no need to worry as we provided a good overview of what you have to know, so if you need more ideas and examples, keep reading.

Example Business of Names for Life Coaching


⇒ Cool Names for Life Coaching Business


    • Cool And Crafty
    • Positive Psychology
    • Reach Your Goals Coaching
    • The Quest to Self-discovery
    • Going Beyond Coaching
    • Conquering the Mountain View
    • Spirit Guide
    • The Bella Life
    • Mindset Mentor
    • The Boss
    • Balanced Life Academy
    • Life Coach
    • Don’t Settle!
    • Loving Life Coaching
    • Time Management Counselor
    • Your Authentic Connection
    • The Professional Life Coach
    • Reach Your Dream Coach
    • Money Mindset Coach
    • Life Coach for Pets
    • Happy Coach
    • Breakthrough Coaching
    • Making Change Work!
    • The Secret Bible
    • The Power Path
    • Spice of Life
    • Spunky Pragmatic Peacemaker
    • Thoughts That Motivate
    • Self Development Consultant
    • Empowerment Coach
    • Live Fulfilling Life
    • Passion Catalyst
    • Align Your Life
    • Success Coach
    • I Am a Coach for Everyone
    • Inspirational Coach
    • The Organized Coach
    • Fresh Start Coach
    • Happiness Advisor
    • Mental Healer
    • Life Balance
    • Help Is Here!
    • Black Swan Coaching
    • Relationship Coach
    • The Echo Chamber

⇒ Spiritual Names for Life Coaching Business


  • Grace and Grind Career
  • Divine Direction Coaching
  • Spiritual Awakening Services
  • Chakra Life Coach
  • Holistic Life Coach
  • Channeling Spiritual Energy
  • Karma Coach
  • Relaxation Spiritual Counselor
  • Affirmations for Today
  • Ask An Angel
  • Be at One
  • Calm Connections
  • Channel of Calm
  • Living Lightly
  • Divinity Within
  • Soul Protector
  • Golden Harvest Coaching
  • Freedom Strategist
  • Breakthrough Expert
  • Heart-weaving Wisdom
  • Embrace Your Power
  • Prosperity Room
  • Change Is Possible Life Coaching
  • Personal Peace Program
  • Personal Training-the Fastest Way to Lose Weight
  • Yoda Coaching
  • Life Stylist
  • Coach Your Life
  • Unstoppable!
  • Financial Freedom Code
  • Lead Your Life
  • Life Confidence Guru
  • Wellbeing Guru
  • Goal Setting Coach
  • Each Dream Brings You Closer to Your Goals.
  • Future Coach | Life and Career Planner
  • Mindfulness Maestro
  • Angel Life Coach
  • Affordable Life Coaching
  • Overcome Depression Guide
  • Wake Up Early Coach
    • Lifelong Company

⇒ Catchy Names for Life Coaching Business


    • Cool Solutions
    • Living in Purpose
    • Live Life to the Fullest LLC
    • Choose to Succeed Inc
    • Genuine Happiness
    • Marriage Counselling
    • Change U Coach
    • Life Focus
    • Life Coach Consultant
    • Self-help Guru
    • Better Life International Coach
    • Self Confidence Coaching
    • Life Coaching Intentions
    • Behavior Designer
    • Happiness Increasing Expert
    • Bodymind Performance Coaching Center
    • Confidence Lessons
    • Coach Your Life
    • Change Your Thinking Guru
    • Heart & Soul Coaching Business
    • Success Coach
    • Awaken to You!
    • The Wise Owl Group
    • Heart 2 Heart Coaching
    • Moving Towards the Summit of Self-exploration
    • Life Change Coach
    • Achieve Your Passion
    • On a Mission for Life Joy and Passion!
    • Hustle Coaching
    • Gaining Wisdom While on Your Journey
    • Balance in Life
    • Make Your Life Better
    • Stress Manager
    • Be Happy Coach!
    • Happy Heart Warrior
    • Joyful Living
    • The Zen Coach
    • Anything and Everything Life Coaching
    • The Brighter View
    • Happiness Mentor
    • Purpose
    • Choco Life – Inspiring & Healing
    • New Beginnings
    • Spark Your Sparkle
    • Change Is Gonna Come Inc
    • Healthy Lifestyle Coach
    • Life Coach Coffee Shops
    • Life Transition Coach
    • What Do You Want?
    • Purpose Coach
    • Own Your Life
    • Leading the Way
    • The Relax Coach
    • Free Yourself From Pain
    • Soul Spot
    • From Fear and Frustration to Freedom and Success
    • Life Paths Incorporated
    • Vitality and Energy
    • Black Belt Portfolio Manager
    • Life Buddy
    • Happiness Consultant
    • Stop Procrastination Coach
    • Mentor a New You

⇒ Unique Names for Life Coaching Business


    • The Best Coach
    • The Real Tutor
    • Modern Coaching
    • Rectangular Usher
    • Sink or Swim
    • Cultural Biography
    • Holy Spirit
    • Seal That Up
    • The Long Liveliness
    • Mobility Coaching
    • The Consulting Coach
    • Private Life
    • Comfortable Chief
    • The Organic Sprightliness
    • My Happy Playdate
    • The Monastic Life
    • General Guideline
    • Plan B Coaching
    • Footsteps To Varsity
    • The Coach’s Corner
    • Domestic Living
    • Believe In Your Potential
    • The Own Sprightliness
    • Active Living
    • The Normal Animation
    • The Sufficient
    • Divine Lifetime
    • Academic Spirit
    • Healing Harmony
    • The Wealthy Sport Mentor
    • The Wealthy Soul
    • Private Lifespan
    • Intellectual Spirit
    • The Page Steer
    • The Gilded
    • Coach to Corporate
    • Execute Results
    • Heart Sutures
    • The Everyday Life
    • The Quiet Biography
    • Early Lifespan
    • Civilian Sprightliness
    • Monastic Spirit

⇒ Creative Names for Life Coaching Business


  • The Chilled Coach
  • Goal Achievement Coach
  • Financial Wellness Coach
  • Health Builder
  • Victorious Life Consulting
  • Swan Song
  • Clear the Clutter Life Coaching
  • Lifestyle Academy
  • Happiness Promoter
  • New Day Dawning
  • Ever After
  • The Path Leading Home
  • Get Out There!
  • Peace Practitioner
  • Inspiring You
  • Development
  • Personal Productivity Trainer
  • Untangle Your World
  • Changing Lives With Life Coaching, Inc.
  • Growth Catalyst Inc.
  • The Way Forward
  • A Better Future for You
  • I Am One of Your Guides
  • A More Focused Life Coach
  • Energized Spirit
  • Wellbeing Center of Excellence L.l.c.
  • Open Hearted Love
  • Divinely Inspired Coaches
  • Exercise Facilitator
  • Love, Life and Happiness Coach
  • The Life Coach Academy
  • L’il Coach
  • The Happier You Company
  • Your Path to Wellbeing
  • Enjoying Life Coaching
  • Silver Spoon Solutions
  • Confidence Coach
  • Sparkle Works Coaching Center
  • Total Health
  • Business Success Coach
  • Healer of Hearts

5 Essential Tips for selecting Life Coaching Business Name Ideas


Finding out how to create a brand name has the ability to set the course for your company’s branding. Aligning the entire organizational structure from scratch is what you can do when you have a brand name for your organization.

When there is hardly any difference in product or service between what people offer in the market and yours, naming your business rightfully and building a brand there on can give you a competitive advantage which you cannot ignore.

1. Simplicity



Sometimes naming a business with just one single word can be more engaging and powerful in terms of generating interest and attention among clients and customers. Take a closer look at your brand, and come up with a unique word that sums up and represents your business.

2. Selling Point


Selling Point
Selling Point

To stand out in your competitive industry you must have a unique selling point for your life coaching business. Many of the coaching business names in this article are focused on the service they provide. Do you have any life coach skills? What can you tell the world that’s very different from what other life coaches can tell you? THAT is your selling point. Focus on that.

3. Availability



You need to research the availability of the domain name available before you start writing or doing business. Make sure that there are no problems with expired, over exposed, or poorly staffed registration departments. A domain name registration expert can offer advice to help to be safe.

If one of the life coaching business names catches your eyes, be on the lookout for that domain availability. Ideally, you are also going to want to own a .com domain as we mentioned earlier how it conveys professionalism and trust.

4. Easy to Remember


Easy to Remember
Easy to Remember

Business names should be professional or casual or formal, but that doesn’t mean they are supposed to be  boring or stress-inducing. It is possible to make a combo of words and concepts fun with the use of the same letter and sound repetition.

Having observed that the most successful life coaches use short and concise names to advertise their services, you do not want customers to have a hard time remembering your name. It will be remembered more if the name is shorter.

5. Positive Words


Positive Words
Positive Words

Life coaches and motivational speakers should not come across as negative in any way. Your business names for life coaching are no different. Think about using life coaching phrases such as Wellness, Perseverance, Strength, and Positivity.

SEO Before Choosing Your Coaching Business Names


SEO Before Choosing Your Coaching Business Names
SEO Before Choosing Your Coaching Business Names

It’s important that your business’ name is relevant to the term “relevant keyword” you’re using. Many businesses use search terms in their name to give context and higher search results for searches related to them.

Combination of words are a way of making sure that your life coach business name has more impact. A quick way to find pertinent search terms is with broad words.

It is advisable to use only one or two phrases as using too many can ruin your business name and cause customers to go elsewhere.

Alternative Options if Your Chosen Business Name is Already Taken


Alternative Options if Your Chosen Business Name is Already Taken
Alternative Options if Your Chosen Business Name is Already Taken

If you fail to choose top level TLDs then this section is for you. There are alternatives you can choose from for business names for life coaching business. Although they won’t be as easy and effective as our main strategy, but “Better something than Nothing.”

1. Finding the original Owner

Someone can own the domain you want, and may want to sell it. If you want to discover the intent of the owner, you have to check out their details in the WHOIS database. If it costs too much, set up a maximum budget for the domain and consider other options.

2. Pick an alternative name

A way to brainstorm new names is to use a lot of the same wordplay you used in your original idea. Based on where your target audience is located you could also consider registering names based on that.

With the country code top level domain like .br, .usa, .uk, you are telling the search engines where your business activities are primarily located. Then you will be better able to perform in local search results.

3. Try a different TLD

If you can’t get the .com one, look for a generic top level domain. You could use a different type of domain name like .shop or .co. It’s crucial to check the business name isn’t trademarked, as it might allow you to run into issues later on, when you first start building your brand.

FREE Life Coaching Business Name Generator


FREE Life Coaching Business Name Generator
FREE Life Coaching Business Name Generator
  • Shopify –    You can use the life coach name generator to search for business names. Get a domain that’s right for your coaching business and your personality. Go straight out of the brand name generator with a 14-day free trial.
  • Namelix – The namelix makes effective, short, and bright names. It is a better idea to specify your words rather than have the results be more specific. The first thing to decide is whether you should prioritize a name with a longish name, or be on the lookout for a short name.

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