Types of Life Coaching

Seven Money-Making Types of Life Coaching Businesses in 2022

Since the beginning, life coaches have been a part of The Good Alliance. Our team is constantly amazed by how unique, creative, and different our clients’ businesses are.

Although many of our customers refer to themselves as “life coaches,” no two are alike. We’ve worked with life coaches from all walks of life to help them establish their brands and businesses.

Pick a booming niche you believe in and make a difference while earning a living. Finding meaning in your work is crucial to running a successful business.

Don’t just pick a lucrative niche; consider what you care about and how you can make a difference. If clients believe in you and your mission, they will seek you out.

This list is based on our personal experiences working with life coaches and watching them grow their businesses. We chose those that have consistently proven profitable while making an impact. Please let us know of a lucrative coaching specialty that we haven’t mentioned.

What is a life coach?


What is a life coach?
What is a life coach?

A life coach is a person who helps people improve their lives. We think of the definition of life coaching as a catch-all term for many fantastic coaching specialties. The following seven types of life coaching are all parts of life coaching and require similar skills.

All life coaches work with their clients to help them become happier, more balanced, and healthier. Customers can work with a life coach to gain confidence, improve relationships, or achieve a personal goal.

Top 7 successful life coaching categories


We could go on about how great the history of life coaching is, so let’s get right to the point.  

Some life coaches take a broad approach, but many specialize in specific areas. Here are our top 7 successful life coaching categories.

Mindset coach 


 Mindset coach 
Mindset coach

A mindset coach helps you and your client unlock unconscious (and sometimes conscious) patterns. The coach investigates. Mindset Coaches are trained in NLP, TLT, CBT, and hypnosis. This is in addition to EFT and energy alignment. Mary might be able to find a partner and make an action plan with the help of a traditional coaching method. 

For example, Maya experiences fear, doubt, and feelings of unworthiness when she thinks about dating. The mindset coach helps her align her thoughts, actions, and feelings by using transformational therapies. Does Mindset Coaching work?

Mindset Coaching is an investment in your future. You’ll be asked to change beliefs that have hampered your success. Please visit our Mindset Coach Certification page for more information.

Personal coach


Personal coach
Personal coach

When you think of life coaches, what comes to mind first is health, fitness, and wellness. Many people value their mental and physical health, but maintaining it can be challenging.

From weight loss to stress management, health coaches can help people. People usually embark on a health journey, learning as they go. Your customer may have little experience with dieting or exercise at first. Still, they will eventually achieve their weight and nutritional goals. With your assistance, your client’s health will slowly improve.

It’s not easy to change one’s lifestyle, so keep encouraging your clients. As a health coach, here are some strategies for assisting people:

  • Help them with their fitness goals.
  • Encourage better nutrition and a well-balanced diet.
  • Assist them in making the transition to a vegan or plant-based diet.
  • Assist them in dealing with a medical issue.
  • Please encourage them to engage in physical activity to improve their health.

Business coach


Business coach
Business coach

You might be wondering how a business coach can be a life coach, which is our first controversial area of expertise.

We’ve worked with many business coaches who are also life coaches. We noticed a size difference.

Many business coaches work with large corporations to improve productivity, culture, and procedures. However, small business coaches face unique challenges.

Thousands of small businesses are run by self-starters (you might even be one). When working with large corporations, you may find that your customers’ personal and professional lives intersect. Cash flow problems and business operations could significantly impact their health. On the other hand, emotional issues may cause them to lose focus on their work. Personal matters or shortcomings can directly impact a company’s performance.

One of the problems for small business coaches is figuring out the problems and making a plan to deal with them. They may help improve the technical aspects of the business. Still, they must also ensure that the owner does not become exhausted.

Relationship coach


Relationship coach
Relationship coach

When it comes to life coaching specializations, relationship coaches are often overlooked. When people are most vulnerable, relationship trainers can save lives. They may not have many long-term customers, but their work is likely more demanding.

These heroes help their clients improve or fix their relationships by giving them support in a safe, welcoming place.

As seen on television, relationship counselors can help troubled couples, but they can also help more. They might be able to help people deal with grief, accept their sexuality, and improve their relationships or sex lives.

Career coach


Career coach
Career coach

How can you stand out, get a better job, or negotiate a raise? Because it takes up so much of our time, career coaching is a lucrative coaching specialization. Working for a company that treats you well and pays you fairly can make a big difference in your life, both financially and in other ways.

Professional coaches enhance customers’ self-esteem and career paths. Customers may be able to use their knowledge to determine whether or not to ask for a raise and when to leave.

It mainly focuses on assisting people who are stuck in their jobs and feel trapped by their lifestyles. Customers’ motivations, what gets them up in the morning, and what fascinates them are all things that career coaches must first understand.

From the good feedback these coaches get, it looks like their clients are happy when they get their dream job or a big pay raise. It’s reasonable to anticipate increased business when your customers rave about you.

Parenthood coach


Parenthood coach
Parenthood coach

For many people, parenthood is a foreign concept. Without the proper support, a wonderful and happy time in their lives can become overwhelming and dangerous.

At any stage of parenting, parenting and family coaches can help. An expert coach can help people thinking about starting a family or who already have children.

Based on their own experiences and tried-and-true coaching techniques, these types of life coaching can create a program for their clients.

Coaches may help relocated families, people reconnect with parents/siblings, or new stay-at-home parents by focusing on the family.

Executive coach


Executive coach
Executive coach

Executive coaches work with upper management to help them change their work culture and lifestyle. They collaborate with executives to improve corporate performance and satisfaction. 

Because change happens from the top-down, executive coaches may significantly impact the entire organization. While some life coaches prefer to work in a more private setting, executive coaches must be able to deal with the pressures of the workplace while still successfully applying their coaching techniques.

Final words


We’re always interested in hearing about the types of life coaching that are making a difference in their respective fields. So, if you have a niche that interests you, please share it in the comments section below.

Are you able to make a living while making a difference? If that’s the case, we’d love to hear from you and include you in our changemakers section of the blog. Make a connection with your story.

Frequently Asked Questions


1. Do people want life coaches?

For the last ten years, life coaching has been in high demand, and it doesn’t appear to be slowing down any time soon. Hundreds of millions of people have benefited from the advice and guidance of coaches.


2. Who is the best life coach?

Tony Robbins is the best life coach. Anthony Robbins is an author, coach, and speaker. I Am Not Your Guru, a Netflix documentary based on his lectures, has reached 50 million people in 80 countries.

3. What are the requirements for becoming a life coach?

A life coach does not need a master’s degree. As a coach, it can help to have a background in psychology, education, wellness, or business, as well as a coaching certification from a reputable institution.


4. What are the most effective steps for me to promote myself as a life coach?

As a life coach, here are seven steps to promote your business and attract new clients.

  1. Decide who you want to contact.
  2. Make these sessions available for free.
  3. Create an appealing software bundle.
  4. Take part in seminars and other events.
  5. Make yourself noticeable among the crowd.
  6. Plan your activities.
  7. Create a significant social media presence.


5. How is a life coach different from a therapist?

Clients work with life coaches to identify and change problematic habits. To Coaches focus on “how” to reach a goal to explain current behavior, while therapists focus on “why” certain behaviors happen.

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