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3 Fascinating Tips Coaches Use For Youtube Coaching


Youtube coaching
Youtube coaching

The benefits of Youtube coaching should not be overlooked nowadays. Being a coach is not the easiest job in the world. You may be good at coaching, but you are your boss. If you want to get a job, you have to sell yourself before you can coach anyone.

Selling yourself isn’t given enough credit. It’s the first step in every business deal, whether you’re looking for a job, a customer, or a way to get paid. You can reach millions of people through social media. That is where Youtube Coaching comes in.

YouTube has a lot of great stuff. Life coaches can share their ideas and help a larger group of people reach their goals.

By reading on, learn how to start your own YouTube coaching business and get ideas from the best YouTube coaches.

What Is Coaching?



The relationship between a coach and a client is one of collaboration. The coach helps clients reach their personal and professional goals by giving advice and support. Clients benefit from coaching because it helps them do their best job.

A coaching session can happen in person, over the phone, or online, among other ways.

The ultimate goal is to help you move forward in a certain area of your life, at work, or with a problem you’re trying to solve. We have discussed how Life Coaching works, what makes it different from other approaches, and what you can do to get started here.

What Is Youtube Coaching?


Youtube and Coaching
Youtube and Coaching

YouTube has been a great way for professionals to learn in the last ten years. Now, YouTube isn’t just a place to watch funny videos; it’s also a place to watch films that might help you in your job. Hootsuite’s 2020 global digital analysis says that YouTube is the second most popular website after Google.

If you want to get your career going, you might find free career videos on YouTube helpful. You can find everything you need to know about your job on YouTube. You’ll learn everything from how to give a good handshake to how to answer interview questions to how to write a good resume.

The hardest part is sorting through all the choices to find the right one. You won’t need to get lost in YouTube’s rabbit hole. We’ve put together these 10 job coaching channels to help you improve your career or get it off on the right foot in a later section.

How Effective Is Youtube Coaching?


How Effective Is Youtube Coaching
How Effective Is Youtube Coaching

With YouTube’s growth, the quality of the advice on the site has improved. Especially when it comes to your career. We’ve all thought about how hard it is to find a job we love.

Since more than 70% of the workforce is unhappy and not engaged, access to inspiring and helpful job guidance might be what individuals need to be more successful and happy. And it’s free and easy to use.

How To Start Youtube Coaching From Scratch?


Start Youtube Coaching From Scratch
Start Youtube Coaching From Scratch

Here are some tips and tricks you can use to skyrocket your Youtube coaching channel –

1. Keeping It Simple – The most popular YouTube videos are brief and to the point, with a well-researched and valuable message.

The most popular YouTube videos are under 10 minutes long. Especially for intro videos. Longer videos are possible. A 30-minute YouTube video should be the exception, not the rule.

Most people prefer to hear the facts rather than dig through irrelevant details.

2. Your YouTube Channel Identity-  If you are a life coach, your YouTube channel should show that. Everything should be as personalized as possible, from the background to the music to the topics you talk about.

Don’t be afraid to talk about complicated things on YouTube, since many people like that they can remain anonymous.

Make a dent in it and build your business on that. People looking for a life coach should start by showing they can handle difficult situations.

“Ted Talks” is a great brand that talks about tough issues and inspires people to make changes in their own lives. Even if you only see the last few minutes of a movie, you can tell the brand and style apart, and they cover a lot of ground.

3. Bring your audience into the conversation-  As a life coach, you need to engage your audience more than in many other jobs.

Life counseling is not an easy field to work in. When life gets busy, it’s easy to forget how important it is to keep growing your group of supporters. You can do this by using social media, especially YouTube.

Make sure they don’t get through the cracks!

These 3 tips alone can get you to the top of the YouTube coaching food chain in YouTube.

How Does A Youtube Coach Help You?


How Does A Youtube Coach Help You
How Does A Youtube Coach Help You

Getting known on YouTube is like leaving your mark on the whole world. Think about what you want people to think of you.

Meditation can help you lead other people, no matter how calm and peaceful you are on the inside. Then, maybe you’re best at helping people with depression and relationship problems in a happy, bubbly way.

You can post a wide range of photos representing your business on your channel. From the thumbnails you put on each video to the main image on your channel, it’s important to give the visitor a clear idea of what they can expect to see on your website.

Best Youtube Coaching Channels Worth Subscribing To?



Now let’s see which are the best life coaches on YouTube right now and who you should follow for guidance –

  1. Lewis HowesHowes used social media to become a self-help guru on his own. In his podcast, School of Greatness, he talks to well-known people like Tony Robbins to find out how they became successful. He has written books and been in charge of a podcast. Because he is kind and curious, listening to his in-depth conversations is easy.
  2. Coach Corey WayneAs a life coach, Corey Wayne is good at life coaching and coaching people to do their best. He teaches people how to be self-reliant and helps both men and women reach their goals, whether to achieve their dreams, improve their relationships, start a business plan, get healthier and fitter, or something else.
  3. Life Coach ShawnShawn is the author of three books, including “The Relationship,” “Breaking the Man Code,” and “Getting Unstuck.” In addition to being a life coach, he is also a motivational speaker and a dating coach.
  4. Lisa A. RomanoLisa A. Romano is a Life Coach, Mentor, and Bestselling Author who helps people recover from codependency, narcissistic abuse, emotional neglect, psychological invisibility, and other similar conditions. Her work has appeared in several places. Her coaching method is based on the idea that brainwashing as a child causes all dysfunctional relationships, both with oneself and with other people.
  5. Richard GrannonRichard Grannon is really committed to helping people protect themselves, get back on their feet, and break free from the chains of narcissistic abuse. He gives them the tools they need to do all these things.

Youtube Ads For Youtube Coaching


Youtube Ads
Youtube Ads

Pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns and sponsored social media campaigns are very different from YouTube ads. Before you start planning your next video project, you should learn about the platform’s limitations and other options to get the most out of the paid features.

Regarding digital marketing, YouTube ads are one of the most undervalued types of ads, and it’s easy to see why.

Small business owners find it hard to sell YouTube ads because of the focus on social media marketing and how hard it is to make interesting high-quality videos.

Then what about coaches? YouTube ads can do wonders for life coaches. These ads can carry their voices louder than they can imagine and further branch out their marketing strategies.


At first, it might be hard to understand what YouTube coaching is and how YouTube coaching sessions work. If you follow these steps, making your own YouTube coaching videos might be easy.

You can save this guide to your favorites if you ever need a refresher course on making a campaign or video.

Luckily, YouTube coaching works just like any other digital or social network for marketing. Test often, but don’t lose sight of your key performance indicators (KPIs). To be successful in the long run, you have to take a path that isn’t the best.

Frequently Asked Questions


1. What are the best examples of YouTube coaching?

⇒ According to our research, the best life coaches on YouTube right now and who you should follow for guidance are Lewis Howes, Coach Corey Wayne, Life Coach Shawn, Lisa A. Romano, and Richard Grannon.


2. Is it possible to grow my coaching business via YouTube Coaching?

⇒ Yes, absolutely! Selling yourself isn’t given enough credit. It’s the first step in every business deal, whether you’re looking for a job, a customer, or a way to get paid. You can reach millions of people through social media.

That is where Youtube Coaching comes in. These videos can carry their voices louder than they can imagine and further branch out their marketing strategies.

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